I recently painted our bedroom shiplap, and I absolutely fell in love with the dark accent wall. I decided to change things up a bit in our entryway as well to give it a new look. Since this space is lacking natural light, and the wall darkens it a bit, I plan on bringing some brighter pieces to the entryway. I had three rules for our entryway.

  1. I didn't want a cluttered space. 
  2. I wanted to incorporate practical pieces.
  3. Bring some light to the dark.


I think I managed to do all three with our diy entryway mood board. Here's what I came up with.


I chose a dresser that was off the ground for several reasons, but the main one was to be able to put our robot vacuum underneath it. It's currently plugged in by the dining room table, and with toddlers it's constantly messed with, plus the cord is hazardous. Love the wood tones against the darker wall.

Big art is always a winner in my book. I have the same rule when it comes to all photographs and art that's displayed in our home. I go with the 'go big or go home' motto always! I don't want to squint at a 4x6.

I love incorporating plants in our house too, faux of course because I have absolutely ZERO green thumb. I wanted the base of the faux plant to be muted toned to add a little more contrast. This concrete pot was the perfect fit. 

There are two items that I've never really been a fan of. The first are pillows. I see no use for decorative pillows, and in our house they would be destroyed anyways, so I deem them a waste of money and space. The second one is lamps. I don't like cords, and my style isn't reflected in lamps or lamp shades. I'm loving this cordless light as an alternative. 

This rug is a busy pattern and big enough to make a statement, but not taking over the entire space (which isn't very big to begin with).

Here are the links for everything pictured above. 






Thanks for stopping by and reading! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!