Sooooo it all started when we we're pulling a few bushes out this afternoon and I walked by the deck and casually said to myself, "it's time deck, it's your time!" I made that sound so much more dramatic than it actually was, :)! BUT it's something that's been at the top of our fall to-do list, so it wasn't completely random. 

First off the deck itself was an accident waiting to happen, and we actually didn't even realize how dangerous it was until we began our demolition today. To start, this is the original deck. When everything was being refinished before listing, we're assuming the deck had the same guidelines of 'quick fixes' that the rest of the house had. We tore out the lattice before we took these demolition photos so I'll add it to our next deck post for a good before and after comparison.

Here are a few photos that give you a better visual of how bad things could've gone had we left it up. *I also must note, we do not spend any time on our back deck because we're too busy playing in the yard. It has probably been used for a handful of deck dinners when we first moved in.


These were the poles that were 'holding' our deck up. When I say holding deck up, what I really mean is these poles, after we began demolition, were NOT even connected to either the deck or secured in the ground. Insert all the wide eyed emojis here...

Below are a few photos during demolition today. The deck was attached to the house through the brick, which is why you see the photo of the missing brick. Those holes are currently covered and secured with bags until we replace them with brick and mortar tomorrow.

So now that we have officially broken ground with our deck demolition we have an exciting week ahead of us. This project will obviously need to be permitted, so first and most important thing on the list is putting our drawing together to give to our building inspector. Once our plan/drawing is approved we can go ahead and get started. I'm excited to share my deck inspirations with you guys this week!