I tend to be a night owl when it comes to anything business related due to the fact that a majority of my day is filled with taking care of my babies. At night, I don't want to disturb anyone, and with my desk area being in the kitchen, we needed separate lights from the rest of the kitchen. Our kitchen lights are extremely bright, so I was on the hunt for something easy on the eyes. 

We ended up going with the lights above. You can view them HERE. So since we didn't have existing lights, we hardwired these above the subway tile. There are so many things I love about these lights! I'm excited to start adding in contrasting colors to our kitchen area. I could've gone with chrome to match our cabinet pulls, but wanted to switch things up. The plan for the rest of this corner will just help accentuate the contrast of these lights via calendar, shelving, and poster art! I also love the price tag! Two lights for under $50 is a steal in my eyes!

One thing that's a tad different like I mentioned above, these lights are edison light bulbs and are very yellow! At first it kind of has a shock factor, especially if you're used to natural lighting like we are, but overall it sets such a peaceful atmosphere at night! These won't be on all the time either, so I'm not necessarily worried about having multiple kinds of lighting in our kitchen.

Another great trait of these sconce lights are the fact that the angle is adjustable! We chose to install our lights at a 90 degree angle, but if you wanted to you could hang from the ceiling as well! I love a good versatile hardwired light!

Next up for this corner is making it a practical command area, with focus on calendar for all of our life events and keeping track of photo shoots!