I am obsessed with the letter board craze! They're such a creative spin on home decor, and this one specifically goes perfectly with the aesthetic of our home! I love the white frame, gray interior, and black letters! It's so versatile it can really go in any room! 

One thing that I've noticed with letter boards is the hefty price tag that comes along with them! While I can appreciate and 100% made in the USA handcrafted boards, sometimes it just isn't in the budget! If I purchased the one on my wish list I would be investing $150+ for a letter board! This letter board is the perfect solution for a smaller budget!

Pros for this specific letter board include-

  • It includes 145 letters, so pretty much any short quote is attainable.
  • It's extremely light weight.
  • It's light colored and can match pretty much any room in your home.
  • It's small in size so won't take up a ton of wall space, but it will still make a statement.

Cons for this specific letter board include-

  • It doesn't have a wall hanging hook, BUT you can easily attach one for a small price so it can go from counter/leaning decor to wall decor

Want to add this awesome and inexpensive letter board to your home decor? You can PURCHASE IT HERE! If you purchase it I would love to see it styled in your home! Hashtag a photo on Instagram with #thisminimalhouse so I can see! 



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