One thing I'm passionately annoying about (obviously, look at the name of my blog) is how much better my life is thanks to minimalism! There was a time in my life where my children's toys not only took our every square inch of our home, but my mind as well. You can read more about my journey to minimalism here. Today though, I'm here to discuss how we eliminated over half of our toys, and installed practical storage for what toys was left. This is basically going to be a price breakdown of the storage unit you see above. (Also ignore the fact that photos are blocked out, the gallery wall is a hot mess and will be changed with recent family session)

Storage is my best friend for many reasons. For one our house doesn't have a single storage or hall closet (including bathrooms), secondly it hides the few items we do have in our home, and thirdly it allows your home to have a specific aesthetic, while still being 'lived in'. We do quick clean up's at our house. If it can be done in five minutes or less it gets two big thumbs up from all of us. Let's face it adults don't like spending their entire day cleaning up toys, and guess what neither do kids!

Here's what the insides of the cabinets currently look like. Keep in mind, the boys cleaned these up, so they're far from "organized" and a majority could probably be tossed based on how hard they play.

My favorite thing about this storage unit is the fact that you cannot physically see the toys! They're there, but they're not all over our dining room floor. Overall this entire project was SO inexpensive in the grand scheme of things, and one of my favorite parts of the house! Here's a breakdown of what we did below!



CABINETS - We purchased three of these.

DOOR FRONTS- We purchased six of these.

DOOR PULLS - We purchased three packs of these.

The wood on top we installed ourselves from Home Depot, and stained it with our favorite stain here

*We also didn't want to take space away from our dining room, and wanted our cabinets off the floor to add a modern touch. You can do this also by purchasing this track

This is by far one of my favorite do it yourself projects to date! If you're currently living in a small home, or in the process of toy purging, I highly recommend this as a solution for your mind, body, and soul! Haha! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!