One of the most used rooms in our house is easily the Laundry Room. Around the clock laundry for six people and broom storage is a necessity to keep this house in order. I should also note that our children managed to break our garage door, so it's been our new entryway and exit. To be honest, our laundry room is the best choice for entrance due to the shoe storage also being in there. We are an avid outdoor family, so we absolutely never have clean feet/shoes. (We are obsessed with our storage in there, too! That's coming soon!)

Since we're in there so often, it can be a huge pain constantly turning the light on and off (aka our children leaving the lights on). The Maestro occupancy sensor switch was the perfect solution because hands free is the way to be. It's a practical addition to this room, and any room for that matter, and took a whopping 5 minutes to install! It's energy efficient, and most importantly it got rid of our brown 1960 outlet we were rocking in there ;). 

This wall had quite a bit of damage due to the previous cabinets that were in the laundry room. You can view those before photos here! The plan is to extend the tile onto this wall to install some kind of organization before the next school year starts! Maybe a calendar so this mom can remember what day of the week it is!

Is there a room in your house you'd love to try this in? You can use this simple link to purchase your own Maestro Occupancy Sensor Switch! It's also on sale right now, so win win! We also purchased the Leviton screwless plate cover, which mimics the aesthetic of our wall cabinets! You can purchase that here

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