This Minimal House

When you decide to fully commit to a life on minimalism, so many aspects of your life change. The constant need to indulge in consumerism slowly dissipates. It is by far one of the greatest feelings as a home owner to be freed from "stuff". You stop paying attention to the current trends, and start viewing your home as your sanctuary of wellness. You want to fill that sanctuary with items that have meaning and purpose, and most importantly positive energy.

A few years ago, it was completely normal for me to drop my youngest off at pre-k and head straight to Target to basically browse the items I had seen less than 24 hours prior. This was almost a daily occurrence, if anything minimum of three days a week. Looking back now it was complete madness. I was trying to obtain some kind of inner happiness from 'things'. It's such an easy routine to get sucked into, especially as a stay at home mom, but I'm here to tell you there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Your bank account will thank you, your sanity will thank you, your spouse will thank you, and your overall well being will thank you. 

Most of the art that is displayed in our home are either family portraits we've had taken, handlettered quotes I've created, or items that I've had on my wish list and saved up for. One of the changes I made to my investments we're not only decorating with a purpose, but also purchasing with a purpose. I discovered along the way that I was much happier when I bypassed the cart full, and embraced the meaningful, sometimes more expensive, purchases for our home. Decorate with things that bring happiness to your life. 

What is your favorite decor in your home? Would love for you to chime in below!