This project might go down in history as the most labor intensive DIY yet, and keep in mind we gutted and renovated our entire kitchen by ourselves. It never fails that the start of a project in this house means there's probably five other things we will need to address before all is said and done. Surprisingly, we haven't really done too much in the laundry room in the last almost three years. We gutted out all the original cabinets (you can see more of the before photos here), painted a few random coats of paint, installed some wall tile, and added storage and a desk. View what it's current state was here.

The biggest trouble area, though, are the floors. When we tore out the original cabinets we were left with spots of sub floor and exposed nasty 1963 maybe, or maybe not, asbestos. Up until now the floors have had secured boards on top acting as a temporary band aid. Being that we didn't want to disturb the possibility of asbestos we were left with the option of chiseling off the backer board mortar. Insert back pain here.

As you can see from that first photo, we had to tear out the entire lower drywall behind the washer. When we pulled up the base boards we noticed slight water damage from what we're assuming took place when the house was vacant prior to moving in. We're going to completely re-frame the piping, making sure it's moisture and water proof. 

So here's the laundry room project breakdown in no particular order, so that we can reference our checklist later on.

  • Finish removing all mortar from backer board to ensure a smooth surface for new tile.
  • Insert new backer board on areas of floor that were under original cabinets.
  • Frame/water proof/moisture proof washer plumbing.
  • Install additional storage and cabinets.
  • Ceiling.
  • Add crown molding and new baseboards.
  • Add door.
  • Paint walls.
  • Decor

All in all it's not that difficult of a DIY, once you get around the mortar that is. Looking forward to tackling more of this project as we go into the weekend! Hoping to bring a prettier update mid-week! Be sure to check back in!