When it comes to house projects, specifically renovations, I tend to jump the gun with excitement. I'm absolutely one hundred percent instant gratification. This trait can definitely hurt you in the long run if you don't take the time to come up with a permanent plan. I honestly think I was so thrilled to get rid of our blue stained, wood paneled, cockroach infested kitchen, ANYTHING would have been better than what we currently had. 

Today I'm going to touch base on five things I would change about our kitchen reno. These aren't necessarily things we're going to actually change design wise, because some wouldn't be practical based on our current kitchen. There are some, however, that could be manageable. You can check out our kitchen before here along with our kitchen gut here. 

white grout this minimal house blog
  • First up on the list. Grout. If I could turn back timmmmme, If i could find a wayyyy to the dark charcoal grout mixture on aisle 5 at Home Depot, I would absolutely change our backsplash grout color. Going with white definitely helps keep our narrow kitchen bright and airy, however cleaning white grout behind the stove and in general is a daunting task.
  • Next thing I would go back and change in our kitchen reno is a for sure a double oven install. Having four kids, feeding four kids I should say, requires more than two pans. We consume our weight in roasted vegetables and when you add a main dish onto those vegetables, say chicken, you run out of room FAST.
  • This item on our list of five things we would change about our kitchen reno is something we CAN change that wouldn't alter our current kitchen situation. This is the fridge that was here when we moved in. It was brand new or else we probably would have tossed it first thing, but waste not want not. It was a working fridge and fulfilled it's purpose of storing food. However this little fridge, along with our oven, just cannot hold the amount of food we consume. Going back to the oven situation, we eat a lot of fresh produce which fills up this size fridge fast. It's so small in fact that we can barely fit a gallon of milk on the top shelf! Installing a side by side fridge is definitely in the game plan for the near future. Plus it would be a huge luxury to have a working water and ice dispenser in the door!
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  • When it comes to storage, we have plenty. The only problem with the amount of storage we have cabinet wise, is we don't necessarily even have enough things to fill them! We strongly believe that only essentials are practical. This change could potentially happen down the road if we wanted to go through with the construction. Coming up on number four of five things I would change about our kitchen reno would be more windows, aka natural light. This would  be an easy transition down the road cabinet wise, because we could simply take our cabinets down on this walls and RE USE the cabinets in the basement. No waste. The only thing is we would have to touch the exterior brick to install a long window to give us more natural light, and find a new spot for the microwave.
tile floor grout this minimal house blog
  • Last but not least, referring back to number one on our list, floor grout. I think now that things are finally coming together aesthetically in our kitchen, we both wish we would've gone with a lighter tile color and darker grout that would be more consistent with our counters. We're also going to implement the no shoes in the house rule in 2018 because three boys= constant mess. haha This is something we have no plans on changing for awhile, if ever, because that would be a full reno removing all the cabinets and baseboards, something we don't have the time for. However, it's nothing a pretty long runner can't fix! Am I right? 

Thanks for stopping by to check out five things we would change about our kitchen renovation! If you're in the market for a kitchen renovation, I hope these changes I touched base on are helpful to you, or make you ponder a little longer on your decisions so you can live a kitchen renovation of no regrets!