We had a snow day today and we're able to tackle the floor tile in the bathroom! We are already so excited about the drastic difference this tile brings to our small bathroom. If you want to see a few of our bathroom renovation inspiration photos you can view those here! Let's go ahead and dive into the tile we chose for our bathroom, along with a fun progress video you guys voted for here

The aesthetic of our home would easily be considered modern and minimal. We wanted to continue that throughout the house, and tile was first on the list. Marble tile was so intriguing to both of us, but we needed to make sure it wasn't too fancy or out of place. We ended up finding our choice of tile at our local Lowes Home Improvement store.This is the tile we ended up choosing. 

Now for some photos of our bathroom renovation so far!

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We're thrilled to dive head first big project of 2018, our bathroom renovation! There are a few reasons behind this renovation, I'll talk about those a little later, but for now let's discuss bathroom inspiration!

We knew right off the bat that we wanted the space to feel clean, minimal (naturally), and most importantly practical. Since it is our children's bathroom we wanted it to be as clutter free and open as possible. The biggest challenge is going to be creating the illusion that the bathroom is larger than it actually is. We're only working with 46 sq ft (this measurement isn't including the tub). Here's what the bathroom looked like when we moved in so you can get a feel for the layout.

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When it comes to our house one major component that it lacks is storage space. Unlike newer construction or custom builds, we don't have the luxury that comes with hall, bathroom, and laundry room storage. We have decent sized bedroom closets, but it would be impossible to cram all of our belongings into them. You might recall when we added these storage systems to our laundry room. We also added our own custom framing to make them look more like they're built into the room. 

These storage units are my absolute favorite staple piece for our house. They are practical, come in different sizes to better accommodate your space, and most importantly bring some organization to your home. A couple months after installing them we quickly realized that only purchasing four shelving units was a huge mistake. See real life photo proof below.

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When it comes to house projects, specifically renovations, I tend to jump the gun with excitement. I'm absolutely one hundred percent instant gratification. This trait can definitely hurt you in the long run if you don't take the time to come up with a permanent plan. I honestly think I was so thrilled to get rid of our blue stained, wood paneled, cockroach infested kitchen, ANYTHING would have been better than what we currently had. 

Today I'm going to touch base on five things I would change about our kitchen reno. These aren't necessarily things we're going to actually change design wise, because some wouldn't be practical based on our current kitchen. There are some, however, that could be manageable. You can check out our kitchen before here along with our kitchen gut here. 

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